Keeping yourself active is key to managing your fibromyalgia.

However, we all have up and down days – times when we feel much more energetic and times where we would rather not do anything. Our platform and methodology works much better when our clients can track their activity levels and variations in their energy levels.

There are many step counters and activity devices out there to count all of this for you, and we are happy to advise on such devices should you need help in this area

We have worked hard to develop a platform that will accept data from almost any wearable device that you may own. We don’t want you to go out and buy a new device just to suit our platform this is why we aim to be “device agnostic”.

The fibroforward platform, with your consent, can read the data from your wearable cloud and feed that through so that our health coaches can monitor your activity and help you achieve your goals.

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